Pedestrian Managers Keep Crosswalks Safe

Here are some of the types of services that SafeLife Pedestrian Managers can offer:

  • Pedestrian safety during crane and construction
  • Traffic control at special locations
  • Traffic management for special events

The SafeLife Pedestrian service instructs that pedestrians remain on the sidewalk until they get the green signal to walk. With this in mind, the traffic manager ensures that large numbers of pedestrians do not spill over into the street in particularly high congestion areas.

Pedestrian safety for Special Events...

By managing the pedestrians, vehicular traffic tends to run more smoothly. The pedestrian-vehicle conflict point is eliminated thereby allowing vehicles to more efficiently execute turns and maneuver traffic.

SafeLife Pedestrian Managers Maintain Safety During Special Events

Pedestrian and traffic Control During construction

SafeLife Pedestrian Services

The SafeLife Pedestrian service works within the confines of the traffic signal, which means the SafeLife manager does not override signals. When the pedestrian is given the green light to walk, the SafeLife manager enters the intersection and ensures the pedestrian's safe crossing.

Safety Management

...and during Special Events

SafeLife Pedestrian Managers Stop Traffic for Pedestrians

Pedestrian, Crane and Traffic Services