SafeLife Pedestrian Managers Maintain Safety During Special Events

Pedestrian and traffic Control During construction


Here are some of the services that SafeLife Managers offer:

  • Pedestrian safety during crane and construction
  • Traffic control at special locations
  • Flagger services
  • Security personnel

SafeLife Managers instruct pedestrians to remain on the sidewalk until they get the green signal to walk. With this in mind, the traffic manager ensures that large numbers of pedestrians do not spill over into the street in particularly high congestion areas.

Our team can plan traffic patterns for all types of situations, and provide the certified manpower to keep traffic moving moving and improve safety. We have the expertise to plan and implement design to keep your event, parking lot, or area worksite moving and safe.

Our expert team of flaggers are certified and can manage traffic at events, parking lots and construction sites.

Pedestrian Managers Keep Crosswalks Safe
SafeLife Pedestrian Managers Stop Traffic for Pedestrians
Safety Management

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